Summer 2024 Camps!

Kei Denevan
min read

May 11, 2024


It's time y'all! Time to figure out what you want your summer to look like. Let us help you stay in touch with your friends, and/or make new ones this summer! We have 8 Day Camps:

  1. Secret Garden - June 17th
  2. Minecraft - June 21st
  3. Wizarding School - July 1st
  4. Dragon Warriors - July 5th
  5. Ocean Art @ the Park - July 15th
  6. Wilderness Survival - July 19th
  7. Herbology Health - July 29th
  8. Theatre Arts Puppeteer - August 2nd

If you have any questions, check out each event on our Event's Page. Messager is the quickest way to get ahold of us, or a text. Info at the bottom of the page. 

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