2024 Fall Semester Registration is Open!

Kei Denevan
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June 12, 2024


Y'all, OMG! I'm so excited for our Fall Semester! We have such a great response for our Summer Camps, that we decided to continue the fun into the new school year! 

Fall Semester Classes:

Secret Garden Unit Study: We're going to read a chapter each day from the book, and then we'll do either a recipe, activities, or both!

Minecraft: The kids have spoken, and I have finally listened. They want a STEM and Cooking Class geared toward Minecraft. Done!

Larbredevie School of Magic Unit Study: Yep, after teaching a Harry Potter Unit Study for, gosh, 4-5 years (I forget), we decided to start one and customize it ourselves! Mystical Arts & Crafts, Mythology (Greek), Potions (Chemistry), Transfiguration (Cooking), & Wizardology (Unit Study of Magic)...are all just a few of the classes planned, with spontaneous magical fun in between! New Classes, New Houses, New Fun!! YAY!!

Dragon Warriors: Ok, not going to lie. Many of us moms have been obsessing over a certain adult dragon infused book, and the kids have been super curious to all things dragon ever since. So I thought, let's make something that our kids can partake in, and create something for the whole family to love! So no, no dragon hunters allowed. We love dragons and are going to learn through some creative classes, including: Dragonology (Unit Study about dragon myths & facts), Monsterology (Mythical Zoology), Feasting (Cooking), Mycology (study of Mushrooms, poisonous/non-poisonous), Mythology (Norse), Pirateology (History), & War Games (PE - Axe Throwing, Bows & Arrows, Dragon Bounce Races, Obstacle Courses, Board & Card Games, etc.) Can you feel how excited I am about these new classes yet?!

ZOOM ASL Classes: yep, we all hate Zoom, however, it is exceptional when it comes to teaching & learning ASL, because we can record it and share it with those taking the class. That way, people can go back through and review each week. And yes, I've seen such a greater retention in learn and continuing to the next level since we started doing these Zoom classes. And because I'm Hard-of-Hearing, theses ASL classes are always on our calendar. They're extremely popular, and are usually the first class to fill up each semester. I was comfortable with 6, but decided to double it this semester to please more people.

Art @ The Park: Yep, I don't see this class being removed from the calendar any time soon. It's a popular class, and usually we have to keep a Waiting List, as it fills up fast. We use professional acrylic paints (that will stain clothes, so don't have anyone wearing anything they don't mind getting a little paint on.) and canvases, and the works. We do each painting step-by-step and use traceables when needed, which allows 3 year olds - all the way up to adults (If there's room. Kids first, of course.)

Crafts @ The Park: Yep, this is a new class! I love to craft and create things with all kinds of mediums. So we're going to do paper making, felting, string art, wooden game decorating, paper mache-ing, diamond art, & some simple ornament making this Fall!!!

Wilderness Survival: Yes, this class isn't going any where! I have a few signed up for it already that will start at the beginning this semester, and a few that are now doing the their second half of this series of classes, because they starting last January! We learn about Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, First Aid, Weather, Navigation/Communication, Safety, and Campout and the end if anyone want to go with us! Who wants to know my new way of making smores? Come find out!

Herbology Health:  I have my Master Herbologist Diploma and have been teaching Herbology to both kids and adults for over 10 years now. From medicinal tinctures, to homemade shampoos, to household cleaners, to how to use herbs in the kitchen, to herbal crafts...we do it all in this class!

Sewing Arts: Yep, I used to be a Costume Designer for a few different theatres. Started when I was homeschooled, and made LOTS of different things. Love being able to pass the knowledge of this dying art onto the next generation! We have lots of fun holiday themed projects we'll be working on this semester, OR, if you're in Theatre Arts, and are one of our actors, you can choose whether you want to create your costume for the performance. Let me know!

Theatre Arts: Dad's a theatre professor, and I got bit by the theatre bug MANY years ago. And so far, we've passed that down to some very theatrical kiddos! We're rehearsing for our end of the year production of Encanto the Musical! We have roles open for both actors and crew, so let me know if you'd like to join us! Never to late!

Wow! That was a lot, wasn't it y'all! Now can y'all see why I'm so excited about this next semester?! If you have any questions, send me a message on Messenger, or Text. 

I'm probably in the middle of planning everything, teaching a summer camp, working in my garden, or I'm taking care of our 3 dogs, 6+ cats, & 13 horses. (Notice how I didn't mention sleep? Hahaha!) But, I'll message back as quick as I can. Hope to see y'all soon! 

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