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FULL February's Wilderness Survival Class - Weather

Date & Time

Thu, Feb 15 2024 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

(GMT )


Al Becken Pavilion (Pavilion 1), 13102 Jones Maltsberger Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247, United States
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This class is held once a month on our calendars. It's from 1:00pm-3:00pm all school year long. For girls and boys of all ages.

Do you love to camp? Are you interested in learning how to survive in the wilderness? This class is broken into 10 lessons to teach one how to start a fire purify water construct a shelter etc...You'll also have a complete Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) full of emergency supplies to keep one alive for 72 hours. If you would like to learn how to survive many situations join us in the fun!

Monthly Lessons:

2/15 - Weather (Emergency Weather Radio Fan Hand Warmers Emergency Blanket Emergency Poncho & Weather Badge)

3/14 - Navigation (Texas Map Star Chart Compass Protractor Pencil & Navigation Badge)

4/25 - Communication (Flashlight & Batteries Head Lamp & Batteries Mirror Glow Sticks Whistle & Communication Badge)

5/23 - Safety (Knife Paracord Bracelet Work Gloves Goggles Duct Tape & Safety Badge)

5/25-27 - Campout (Fishing Kit Pocket Tool Playing Cards Toilet Paper Certificate & Award Campout Badge)

Cost: $35 per student per class.

Payment Due: FEBRUARY 1st 2024 @ 3:00pm

*All supplies are included in the cost of the class except the campsite rental & park fee. That will be divided between the people that want to attend the campout. One can only attend the campout if they've collected the complete bugout bag supplies for SHELTER, FIRE, WATER, FOOD, FIRST AID, WEATHER, NAVIGATION, COMMUNICATION, SAFETY, & CAMPOUT.

We'll be outside under a huge pavilion so prepare yourself for the day's weather. Bring enough water, bug spray, personal fans, warm clothing, etc. We meet in the rain as the pavilion is huge and we stay dry. Please check our FB Page to see if any updates have been made about the classes each day. ALL announcement will be via FB as I can't access the website via phone. If you're planning on dropping off your child please contact Kei Denevan our Head Organizer first to get approval.

Please make sure you fill out our Membership Forms before registering for your first class @

*Around the 15th of each month I update each event with the next month's info. So make sure you make notes in your calendar or save/print off the ticket to save the info before I change them.

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