September/October Classes & Announcements

Kei Denevan
min read

August 15, 2023


Ok, so we're going to delete all the August/September Classes and replace them with our September/October Classes! 

You may get a notification that your "tickets" are canceled, but they're not. Don't pay attention to any emails that you may get that say so. We don't cancel classes via email. 

We make all our announcements on our FB Page, so make sure your Like and Follow it. Also, check the FB Page for any announcements before taking off for class, as we make all of our announcement there: Running Late, Moving Pavilions, Canceled Class, etc. 

It takes us about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get there in the morning, and if class is canceled, I'll post before we leave (8:30am ish). If we're not at the pavilion by the time class is suppose to start, check the FB Page to see if we are running a few minutes late, or have moved pavilions. We NEVER skip letting ya'll know.

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